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Custom Ordered Blinds   

Sheer Wrapped Vertical Blind

Sheer Wrapped Vertical Blind

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium Blinds

Wood Blind

Wood Blind

Horizontal, Vertical, Wood, Vinyl or Metal

Wood Blinds

Horizontal blinds are available in

wood and faux wood options 



Wood blinds provide directional light control from ceiling to floor.  Looking for a solution for indoor air quality? Look no further, certified Greengard® options are available too!


There are over 250 slat colors to choose from, as well as decorative tapes and specialty shape options from over a dozen manufacturers.


We have something to fit anyone’s budget

Blinds offer 3 great options. Open louvers or slats for directional light ​control, closed louvers or slats for privicy and the option to raise or open the blind completely. Blinds are and affordable option with a clean design.

Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are available in several sizes ranging from 1/2" - 2"



Aluminum blinds provide directional light control from ceiling to floor. As well as the ability to completely open or close for absolute light and privacy control.




With 100s colors available and dozens of operating and specialty options, aluminum blinds are a great choice!

Vertical Blinds

Fabric, vinyl, wood and even aluminum. So many options!


Vertical blinds provide directional light control from left to right. These blinds are perfect for covering very wide spans of windows.


There are more than 230 PVC options as well as specialty shapes and multiple control options including motorization.


There are even fabric verticals offering a sheer option to the traditional blind.

Sheer Wrap Verticals

A vertical blind wrapped in sheer fabric. One word: Washable!


Sheer wrapped verticals provide directional light control from left to right with the added benefit of diffused lighting.


This gives you the ability to open and close for privacy, completely open for access to a patio or open the vanes for a breeze.


But the best part about a sheer wrap is the ability to take your sheer down and throw it in the washer for a quick cleaning!


There are 90+ fabrics to choose from to wrap any one of the 4 PVC color options. 

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