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Custom Roman Shades   


Custom roman shades are a classic way to add window coverings to any room!


We have been making custom window treatments for Southern California for over 60 years.

Ordering custom shades is a process our design professionals will walk you through.

From picking fabrics, to design options, to discussing your privacy needs.


We can handle it!


Mounting a shade is something most clients don’t think about until asked.  It's best to have a great understanding of how this affects the look and effectiveness of a shade.


Do you have enough space in the window to mount the shade?


Do you need the shade to provide a room darkening effect?


Do you have an impediment in your window sill?


These are things to consider when designing a shade.



There are so many styles of roman shades. In fact so many that a client can easily become overwhelmed.



A flat roman is great for a large printed fabric.

A hobbled shade shows the softness of an otherwise harsh fabric like canvas.


A relaxed roman showcases the luxurious nature of an all-natural fabric the best.


An inverted pleat on a roman is a great way to give structure and sophistication to a room.


For a whimsical twist on relaxed softness try a dog eared roman!






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