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Top Reasons Your Home Should Have Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments and custom window blinds have, for a long time, been among the overlooked pieces of home technological advancement. The sheer incorporation of a motorized rod or track can effectively take the comfort, convenience, security, and beauty levels of your home to entirely new heights. Very few other high-tech accessories or home amenities offer as much.

Today, homeowners understand the beneficial factors associated with motorized window treatments and custom window blinds. According to professional home theater installers and designers, there has been a rapid increase in the number of requests for custom window blinds and motorized window treatments from the owners of most of the homes custom electronic technicians are currently working in, which makes a lot of sense. We are currently developing the convenience of being able to turn lights either on or off through electronic controls, it is not a leap to assume that we would want to have the same kind of convenience for our window shades. Listed below are five excellent reasons to invest in motorized window shades.

1. Security

To an outside observer, it will appear as if someone is inside your house home moving your window shades up and down throughout the day, even though you may be several miles away. This incredible feature gives your home an important and real, lived-in appearance.

2. Convenience

If case your home features a lot of windows, especially if the windows are of a large size, opening or closing the drapes and shades manually can be such a hassle. Instead, raise and lower your shades or blinds and close your drapery with the touch of a button by simply installing motorized window treatments, integrating these into a control system. Your motorized window shades can also be set to function automatically to fit your explicitly defined schedule.

3. Energy Savings

Solar gain, the heat passing through your window panes on hot and sunny days, can quickly throw your air conditioning unit into a tailspin. Your air conditioner will run less if you cover your windows with an energy efficient shade like Duette. You can install a sun sensor to signal the motorized window shades lower whenever the sun is bright.

4. Furniture Protection

The very same sunshine that makes your air conditioning unit run overtime can also cause fading of your furniture over time. Windows covered with custom window shades or blinds can effectively prevent such damages.

5. Elegance

Getting your window shades into the exact position you desire can be challenging. By installing a motorized window treatment, your custom window blinds can move in a single fluid motion to the position you want. Additionally, every window shade can be moved in perfect alignment if your house features a bank of windows.

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