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5 Benefits of Automated Window Shades in Your Home

Here at Castle Draperies, we offer a wide selection of premium automated window shades that are designed to provide you with convenience and quality. There are a myriad of benefits you can receive by having these motorized window shades installed in your home. Here's a closer look at five of them. Highly Convenient The convenience factor of having these custom shades installed throughout your home can't be overstated. Being able to control when these shades open and when they close, as well as a numerous of other settings, is as simple as clicking a button. One single remote can control each shade around the house. You can even schedule small adjustments to occur periodically throughout the day. Increases the Value of Your Home Like all types of home automation, these automated window shades can greatly increase the value of your home after they've been installed. Some of the most desirable home items that go a long way towards enticing a potential buyer include anything that boosts functionality. By having these custom shades installed in your home, its value proposition will be substantially enhanced. They are especially beneficial when paired with other home automation items. Can Be Installed Anywhere You Want One of the best aspects of motorized window shades is that they can be installed anywhere in the home that you desire. This is particularly useful for windows in your home that are relatively difficult to reach. Since everything can be controlled by a remote, you won't have to strain yourself to reach these difficult places, and can open and close the shades whenever you wish to. Motorized Window Shades Are Very Energy Efficient Everyone wants to save money on their monthly energy bill. Automated window shades actually provide a way for you to accomplish this. For instance, by programming the shades to close at a specific time on a sunny summer day, this will allow you to keep your home cooled, which means cutting back on you’re A/C bill. During those sunny cold winter months, simply tap a button on the remote to open the blinds and let the sun in. With this, you won't need to use your heater as often. All of this will assist you in lessening your monthly energy bill. Provides Protection to Furnishings Many people don't realize that sunlight can actually damage furnishings inside your home. In general, sunlight will cause the colors on your furniture to fade over time. While all types of custom window shades can protect your furniture from this, motorized window shades allows you to program when the blinds open and when they close, providing you with a much more convenient option for protecting your furniture when the sun is shining. This is just a glimpse at the many benefits you can receive from motorized window shades.

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