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How Customized Shades Can Reduce Your Heating Bill & Save Money

Everyone loves natural light in their home, but few people would neglect to add appropriate window treatments to complete their furnishings. Custom window shades are one of the most effective ways for you as a homeowner to prevent solar heat gain or chilly drafts from invading an otherwise comfortable living space. There is a wide variety of fashionable window treatments from which to choose, but correct window shade installation is essential for the best energy saving performance. First time homeowners have a full slate of decorating decisions to make when they first move into their new abode, and many do not have a specific plan for choosing appropriate window treatments. Their choices will depend upon their individual needs, concerns and personal style. Design advice and the highest quality products are available at Castle Draperies, so do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Kitchen windows are usually a very big concern as they are usually made to let a lot of light into the room and reflect a lot of light adding to the heat gain in this room. Also it cause a very big issue with glare. There are coordinating products for smaller horizontal windows and larger vertical windows like a silhouette and luminette. The installation of customized window shades can make a considerable difference in the comfort level in this room, especially if there is direct sun exposure for several hours a day (west and south facing windows). Cold drafts often emanate from the large glass surfaces of patio doors, so customized window shades can greatly improve your comfort level in this room.

If you are a first time homeowner in an older home that needs some updating, your home may not have the most energy efficient windows and doors. In this case, installing custom window shades can help add a layer of insulation. Older windows can allow cold outer air to make an otherwise comfortable room feel drafty. This problem is more noticeable during the winter months and after dark. The situation can be improved considerably with professional window shade installation, and the shades can be easily opened or closed depending on the time of day and outside temperature.

While the windows in older homes are usually not very energy efficient, the windows in newer homes also benefit from customized window shades. Since modern windows are often double or triple glazed, cold drafts are not a problem during cold weather. However, the sun can cause the temperature inside the home to rise uncomfortably. Custom window blinds can solve this problem by blocking the solar heat and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Saving energy is important to our environment, but lowering energy costs is also important to you as a homeowner. Castle Draperies can not only provide expert advice to you concerning appropriate window treatments, but they offer professional window shade installation and a guarantee of customer satisfaction.

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